Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessment provides an MOT of what goes on under the human bonnet. They can show the strengths and limitations within one person or compare one individual’s performance with other people.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests, also known as data interpretation or numerical critical reasoning tests, involve evaluating situations and drawing conclusions from the data provided.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning encompasses the collective ability of a person to understand the meaning of certain information in whatever forms it’s presented, enabling his or her thought-processes thereafter to learn the given information.

Diagrammatic Reasoning

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests provide good measures of general intelligence. They involve evaluating processes represented via diagrams, understanding logical rules and process diagrams and identifying causes.

Situational Judgement

Situational judgment tests are a type of psychological test which present the test-taker with realistic, hypothetical scenarios and ask the individual to identify the most appropriate response or to rank the responses in the order they feel is most effective.


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