Corporate Solution

Adrem works very closely with the IT industry.

Manpower Outsourcing

We serve our client firms by providing them the suitable candidates according to the required job profile.

Initial Learning Program

Adrem has created innovative course curriculum and has quality trainers to quickly turn around the fresh graduate hires into billing resources.

It also has comprehensive quality control measures with tollgates to continuously track the quality as well as effectiveness of the training.

Our training also focuses on minimizing employee turnover so as to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction in the workplace.

Business Critical Trainings

Adrem continuously tracks the new technology trends and builds teams of high quality trainers in these technologies.

Adrem helps the IT industry bridge this skill gap by providing new and advanced traimimg methods for team building. It works with the IT companies in improving the skills of the employees to address the project requirements.


Adrem also helps the IT industry address its requirements for highly competent resources at a short notice. The IT industry needs technical resources to fill its skill needs when it does not have the right resources to get trained.

Adrem provides highly competent resources to help the companies tide over their immediate critical requirements.

It also helps companies manage their overflow requirements for trained resources. This helps companies achieve better cost efficiency by making a part of their resource cost variable.


Established in 2008, Adrem Technologies is a next generation IT company which excels in connecting Education and Technology, as it believes it is the right set of areas which can help each other in building the future.

We are specialized in developing customized softwares and web applications for IT organization.

Adrem Technologies Location

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